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Tuition Fees in German Higher Education

It wasn’t before fairly recently – a 2005 federal court ruling paving the way for it – that a number of universities in certain federal states of Germany started charging tuition fees. Higher education had essentially been free in Germany prior to it. The vast majority of German colleges and universities being state-funded, made tuition fees at these institutions highly subsidized; thus, the prevailing practice was to waive them across the board.

But with the advent of legislation permitting them, tuition fees were introduced by a number of federal states (rarely in excess of €500 for a semester – pretty low in comparison to what they are in the U.S. and U.K.) on the justification of them being needed for the maintenance of the university facilities and provision of high quality services.

However, what many refer to as the ‘tuition fee experiment’ seems to have gone wrong; most of the federal states (Länder) that initially opted to charge tuition fees have in the meantime abolished them (primarily, as a consequence of a public outcry against them). As things lately stand, it was only two of the federal states that were still hanging on to them: Lower Saxony and Bavaria; both of these states were however, expected to follow suit and abolish them too, thus turning Germany into somewhat of a ‘contrarian,’ in the face of the global pull towards increasing tuition fees where they are in place, and introducing them where they are not.

Tuition fees in the German tertiary education system we’re modest by any stretch; this in conjunction with various student benefits and discounts, significantly reducing the overall cost of living for students which made Germany into one of the prime destinations for international students worldwide. There is a marked increase in the numbers of youths opting for Germany for both undergraduate and postgraduate studies; with supreme quality education at affordable cost, widespread use of the global ‘lingua franca’ – English, and cheap easyJet-like airfares, Germany has never looked so attractive.

As of October 2014 it has been established and officially tuition fees are now abolished throughout the whole country. German students have finally reached their goal with the help of course of the designated institutions providing from now on free higher education for everyone, national and international alike.

Master’s and Ph.D. courses are, however, liable for some additional costs (still, relatively low) which may vary between €650 and several thousand Euros per semester; prospective international postgraduate students are advised to conduct their own research and weigh their options.

Tuition fees a.k.a. Studiengebühren (when they were in place) usually got charged alongside semester contributions a.k.a. Semesterbeitrag (include: administration fee, AstA, ‘Studentenwerk’ services, and the ‘Semesterticket’ i.e. free public transportation around the city) which is still mandatory; in addition, a small enrollment/confirmation fee of €100 is charged, in order to have the student ID issued to a student (the ID provides various concessions e.g. for bank accounts, occasionally phone companies, tickets for cinema, theater, different events etc).

Another fee to be reckoned with – in case a student exceeds (by four semesters) the time it normally takes to wrap-up his/her studies – is €500 per semester charged from then on out.

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